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What is Sumdog?



  • Is a digital learning resource designed to raise engagement and improve skills in maths. 
  • Provides a wide variety of maths games and activities for children of all ages and abilities.
  • Is a safe platform on which children can compete with themselves, friends or even children in other countries.
  • Is fun!  Children can consolidate and learn a range of maths skills through engaging activities.


How does my child access Sumdog?


  • Mathletics will run on most desktop / laptop computers and a free app is available for most tablets and iPads. 
  • The school has purchased a subscription for all children from Year 1 to Year 6 so that every child can log on from school or home. 
  • To access the website,, your child will need their username and password, which you should have received in the Autumn Term. (If you need reminding of your child’s username or password at any time, please contact your child’s class teacher on Seesaw). 
  • If you have any difficulty logging in or using the website, Sumdog should be able to help you and can be contacted on this link Sumdog Technical Support.
  • If you do not have access to the Internet you can use a computer at a local library free of charge. The children will also be accessing Sumdog in learning time as part of their carousel of learning.


How will we be using Sumdog in Alaw?



  • Sumdog may be used as tool for homework.
  • The Homework will be pitched to suit the ability of your child: background settings allow teachers to assign tasks in way that ensures differentiation. 

In-class Learning:

  • Teachers and children will use Sumdog to support some of their maths learning in-class when appropriate.  
  • Teachers will set assessments on Sumdog, focussing on particular areas the pupils have been working on.