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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Miss R Davies - Headteacher

Mr G Hughes - Chair of Governors

Miss. K. Watson - Deputy Head and Dosbarth Glas Class Teacher

Mrs. N. Johnson - Dosbarth Glas Teaching Assistant accredited HLTA

Mrs S. Camm - School Clerk

Miss. K. Mason - Foundation Phase Lead and Dosbarth Oren Class Teacher

Mrs L. Hughes - Dosbarth Oren Teaching Assistant accredited HLTA

Mrs H. Harris - Dosbarth Oren Teaching Assistant

Mrs T. Throne - Dosbarth Oren Teaching Assistant accredited HLTA

Mrs L. Rowlands - Dosbarth Oren SNSA

Miss L. Lewis - Dosbarth Oren SNSA

Mrs A. Gideoni - Dosbarth Melyn Class teacher

Mrs C. Smith - Dosbarth Melyn Class Teacher

Miss S.Waldie - Dosbarth Melyn Teaching Assistant

Miss H.Pritchard - Dosbarth Gwyrdd Class Teacher

Mrs J. Hutton - Dosbarth Gwyrdd Teaching Assistant accredited HLTA

Mr G. Trace - Dosbarth Fioled Class Teacher

Miss J. Griffiths - Dosbarth Porffor Class Teacher

Mr English - Caretaker

Breakfast Club Staff

Kitchen Staff

Lunchtime Supervisors