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Additional emergency hubs will be opening after Whitsun half-term

Dear Parents/Carers,

Additional emergency childcare hubs will be opening after the Whitsun half-term and as a direct consequence this will now require all school staff across the LA to beattending hubs on a far more regular basis.  This increase in hubs is to address the growth in demand for emergency childcare across the County Borough. Please note that there is no official confirmation on when the re-opening of all schools in Wales will take place.We have however been provided with reassurance by the Minister of Education that a three week notice period will be given prior to any phased re-opening of schools. All national and local decisions will be informed by the current medical advice and guidance so that the health, safety and wellbeing of our children, school staff and communities is protected.  

Please be aware that because of the increased demand on staff time to work at the emergency childcare hubs weekly, there will be a need for all staff to ensure the quantity of distance learning is balanced fairly against their hub commitments so they are able to successfully achieve the requirements of both these roles.

Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.