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Timescales for the next round of applications for emergency childcare

Timescales for the next round of applications for emergency childcare:-

Applications for emergency childcare for the week commencing 8th June is live on the Council’s website this Sunday (31st May).  

-          Parents / carers have until 11:59pm on Tuesday 2nd June to apply.



2.       The number of hubs offering emergency childcare is now 25 - please see the Council’s website and the application forms for the full list of emergency childcare hubs. 

3.       People who must apply:-

-          Key / essential workers must re-apply weekly, as requirements / shift patterns etc. change regularly and we need to ensure the numbers of applications / hub attendees are as accurate as possible so that the hubs can be staffed appropriately.

-          Parents / carers of vulnerable learners and parents / carers of special school pupils who are already attending an emergency childcare setting do not need to re-apply on a weekly basis. Their attendance will be ongoing, but they must e-mail if they no longer require a place.

-          Any parents / carers of vulnerable learners and parents / carers of special school pupils who are not currently attending one of the hubs must make an initial application for a place and complete the appropriate registration documents.