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Welsh Government has stipulated that all pupils must be back in school by the 14thof September when school attendance will be compulsory.

Alaw Primary School welcomes the Education Minister’s announcement today, that from the start of September all pupils can safely return to school.  Welsh Government has stipulated that all pupils must be back in school by the 14thof September when school attendance will be compulsory. 


The impact of the pandemic on all pupils, staff and communities has been far reaching and there is a strong commitment across the profession to welcoming all children and staff back into school and full time education in September.  


During the check in, catch and prepare phase, we have established robust health and safety measures and are in a strong position to welcome all pupils back into school.  


We now wait for further  guidance which  will be issued by Welsh Government next Monday and local guidance will then be issued as soon as possible following publication. It is expected that as the situation evolves, the guidance will be continuously updated. Therefore please keep a look out on our website for the most up to date information.